Would Like To

Would like to, or in Indonesian, “ingin”, is a phrase that expresses a desire or preference for something. It is commonly used in everyday conversations and is a versatile phrase that can be used in various contexts. Whether it’s expressing a simple want or a strong desire, the phrase “would like to” is a useful expression to have in your vocabulary.

Expressing Simple Wants

When you want something in a casual or informal setting, you can use “would like to” to express your desire. For example, if you are at a restaurant and want to order a particular dish, you can say, “Saya ingin memesan nasi goreng” (I would like to order fried rice).

Similarly, if you want to buy something at a store, you can say, “Saya ingin membeli baju baru” (I would like to buy a new shirt). This phrase is polite and shows that you are making a request rather than demanding something.

Expressing Strong Desires

On the other hand, “would like to” can also be used to express strong desires or ambitions. For instance, if you have a dream of traveling to a specific destination, you can say, “Saya ingin mengunjungi Paris suatu hari nanti” (I would like to visit Paris someday).

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When expressing long-term goals or aspirations, the phrase “would like to” is a great way to convey your intentions. For example, if you have a passion for photography and want to become a professional photographer, you can say, “Saya ingin menjadi seorang fotografer profesional” (I would like to become a professional photographer).

Politeness and Respect

Using “would like to” in Indonesian is not only a way to express your desires, but it also adds a sense of politeness and respect to your speech. It shows that you are considerate of others and their needs.

When making requests or asking for permission, using “would like to” is a polite way to communicate. For example, if you want to borrow a book from a friend, you can say, “Saya ingin meminjam buku ini, bolehkah?” (I would like to borrow this book, may I?).

Expressing Preferences

In addition to expressing wants and desires, “would like to” can also be used to express preferences. For instance, if you are asked about your favorite type of music, you can say, “Saya ingin mendengarkan musik pop” (I would like to listen to pop music).

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When discussing your preferred activities or hobbies, using “would like to” helps convey your personal choices. For example, you can say, “Saya ingin bermain sepak bola di waktu luang” (I would like to play soccer in my free time).


“Would like to” is a versatile phrase that allows you to express your wants, desires, preferences, and aspirations in a polite manner. Whether you are making a simple request or expressing a long-term goal, using this phrase in Indonesian adds a touch of respect and consideration to your speech. So the next time you want to express what you would like to do, remember to use “ingin” and communicate your desires effectively.

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